Activities and relaxation

Sunbathe, relax by the torrents, visit wild animals or have a picnic surrounded by a beautiful setting. There are many activities to do with family and friends.

Living the mountain means spending even a single day in it, whether with family, friends or as a couple, there are many offers that allow you to discover this Valley in a different and completely safe way.

Sailing courses in Barcis

Learn the discipline of sailing in Valcellina or take a nice excursion accompanied by an experienced instructor. The H2O Libertas Sports Association offers courses and activities for adults and children in Lake Barcis.

Picnic areas

Simply spend a day in company, low-cost and bring lunch from home. There are many picnic rest areas, such as along Lake Barcis, or next to the secondary streams of Andreis and Cimolais. Some are also equipped with barbecues and igenic services.

Andreis bird area

The wildlife area of Andreis is composed of numerous aviaries that are home to different species of birds such as falcons, kestrels, buzzers, eyeballs, sparrowhawks, a goshawk and even a golden eagle. These aviaries are recovery centres for bird species; many of them have suffered injuries and are then hospitalised and later released into their natural environment.

Cimolais Wildlife Park

The wildlife park between Claut and Cimolais is an intact and protected area that allows you to admire the animals that characterize the Friulian Dolomites, more precisely it is located in “Pian di Pinedo”. Deer, ibexes, roe deer, chamois and many other species to be admired in a path that also allows you to observe numerous floristic and vegetable species. The Botanical Trail is an excellent route to discover the peculiarities of the territory in total safety and with the possibility of being accompanied by expert guides.

Valcellina Train

The little train of Valcellina allows you to immerse yourself in the rocks and nature that characterizes this area. We are talking about the route in the municipalities of Barcis and Andreis, which crosses the Old Road and the Forra del Cellina. Here you can admire the Cellina Gorge characterized by crystal clear waters unique in its kind. The train is operational in the summer months, especially in high season ones such as July and August. The precise days of service can be found in the dedicated web page.

Tree Village of Claut

The Tree Village in Claut is the first tree village in Italy, situated in a beautiful location surrounded by a forest of pines, fir trees, larches and beech trees. These are some houses built entirely of wood and located a few meters high, from 2 to 4 meters at most, with a construction system that does not affect the tree and its structure. Tree Village is located within a theme park where you can experience other activities such as visiting the organic garden, the woodland’s outdoor museum and the Nordic Walking Training Centre.

Tibetan Bridge Forra del Cellina

The Tibetan Bridge of Valcellina allows you to cross this particular gorge and enjoy a unique view of the surrounding environment and the canyon below. Suspension, hooks and helmet allow a perfect view of the adjacent beauties. The crossing is carried out in complete safety after certain instructions given by the staff in charge. It is suggested that you consult with the organizer about the accessibility and availability of the event.

Beaches in the mountains

The feeling after wetting your feet to cool off in mountainous waters is totally different and relaxing compared to other beach experiences. Valcellina offers a lot of places to lay out your towel and sunbathe. The important thing is to pay attention to the currents and the temperature of the water, otherwise you can start looking for your favorite place to spend an afternoon between white rocks and comfortable gravels!

Claut Ice Palace

The Ice Palace of Claut offers a modern structure, built in 2003 for the Winter Universiade. Also used for ice sports such as curling and hokey, it offers ice skating enthusiasts the chance to spend a day in a professional rink and environment. Sporting events such as dancing or shows are also often organised here. Adjacent to the ice rink there is a mini downhill ski slope with ski lift, which allows adults and children to make their first slalom on skis. A perfect location for those who are novice in the world of snow.


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