Camping in Valcellina

Areas and RV stops.

Stops in the middle of greenery for motorhome enthusiasts. There are many RV areas available throughout the Valcellina and in the foothills.

The camper areas of Valcellina are located in the middle of the green, near the water, and are therefore the ideal place for those looking for relaxation and trips in the middle of nature. They are equipped with various services for campers and motorhomes, very useful for those who come from far away, after having milled many kilometers and need a full stop.

Andreis RV Area

33080 Andreis, Pordenone Province
Provincial Road 20 of Andreis
Coordinates: 46.19880, 12.61157

The Andreis camper area is an equipped camping area on the main road and is located along the Alba stream. It has toilets, outdoor sinks, lighting, children’s games, 2 barbecues and absolute tranquility. The surface is very large with a base of gravel and grass. Always open, for a fee (10/24h, only with money). Ability to safely bathe in the river even for children, always paying attention to the water temperature. Water filling service, toilet drain, available all year round. Adjacent to the rest area is a football pitch and a refreshment bar. You can easily reach the village of Andreis in a few minutes via a staircase.

Barcis RV Area

Ribe Location, 5
33080 Barcis, Pordenone Province
Coordinates: 46.19055, 12.56506

The Barcis camper area is located exactly on the shores of the lake, close to the cemetery, on the left for those who come from Montereale Valcellina, before entering the village. It has 20 camping pitches, a barbecue area, tables and benches partly by the lake and games for children. It is open all year round for a fee (14/24h, only with coins and banknotes). Additional parking spaces are available in the parking lot just below. A 3-minute walk away you can reach the center of the village, some bars and groceries. The bike path passes right to the side and offers magnificent itineraries around Lake Barcis.

Cimolais campervan area

33080 Cimolais PN, Italy
Coordinates: 46.28916, 12,4400

The camper area of Cimolais is located between the village and the Cimoliana stream (secondary stream of the Cellina stream). Adjacent is a magnificent park with a small pond, a picnic area, bathrooms and a playground. It is open all year round for a fee of 10 euros per day. There is a great view of the Cimolian peaks and a short walk away you can visit the visitor centre of the Dolomiti Friulane Park.

Maniago RV Area

Via Battiferri, 6
33085 Maniago (PN)
Coordinates: 46.17652, 12.71077

Maniago’s campervan parking area is located in the immediate vicinity of Maniago’s Old Town and close to the former mill, now Maniago’s civic library. Adjacent to the stop there is the Colvera stream on one side and on the other a bar (where you can check in for free) and a local grocery store. So, a great location close to all the services. The Maniago camper area features a power connection, a loading and unloading area, a picnic area and lighting. In total there are 5 parking stalls.

Montereale Valcellina campervan area

Via dell’Omo 47
33086, Montereale Valcellina, Pordenone Province
Coordinates: 46.15162, 12.66118

The Campervan parking area of Montereale Valcellina is located near the Palazzetto dello Sport, about 550 meters from the center and the main services, such as grocery stores, butchers, postal service, some bars and restaurants present in the village. Floor, paved, with drinking water, electricity, dishwasher sinks, camper service. The municipal RV parking is regulated at the entrance and exit of two closed manual bars, for access, contact the exercise on the opposite side of the road, open 24 hours a day.


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