Sport in Valcellina

Trekking, mountain biking, canoeing, curling, rock gym, cross-country skiing, mountaineering, nordic walking, snowshoeing, canyoning … variety for all levels.

The sports to be played in the area are varied and with a diverse offer regarding the individual conditions of the fans. These attract many sportsmen, even from outside the region and across the national border. During the year many competitions are organized for the various sports disciplines.

Nordic Walking

The territory of Andreis has a very detailed park for this discipline: the Nordic Life Park. There are 8 marked routes, with tourist and historical information regarding the area. The paths extend around the village and each one has different technical characteristics.


The Path of St. Christopher

Saint Christopher is the Holy Ferryman of the Spirit and the pilgrims wanted his protection before embarking on long journeys. This Way is a leveled flat route that starts from Veneto, near the Piave River and reaches the Tagliamento in Friuli. A large part of the route flanks the Sacile-Gemona railway.



The main and most famous climbing area is located very close to the Vajont dam, we are talking about the Erto cliff, known throughout Italy by climbing professionals. This is a natural rock gym formed by a sheer limestone wall and offers for experts numerous routes above the 8th, as well as much simpler routes.

Mountain bike

There are also various mountain bike trails of all abilities, many of which reach spectacular views. Why not take your bike with you and start discovering them. After that you will want to explore the whole valley.


Live the mountain slowly! The Ciaspolata is a walk on the fresh snow with snowshoes at the foot, so called “ciaspole”. There are numerous tracks in Valcellina and Val Vajont. This type of walking gives a magical atmosphere especially practicing it after a snowfall.

Canoe and Kayak

Canoeing and kayaking are two disciplines often practiced in Valcellina. You can find calm waters such as Lake Barcis or more turbulent waters in the stream currents. Water lovers have plenty of choice in breathtaking natural environments, such as reaching the Cellina Gorge starting from the lake of Ravedis.

Ski Mountaineering

The territory of Claut and Val Cimoliana offers excellent itineraries for ski mountaineering lovers. These areas are easy to reach and offers hiking in fairy-tale environments on pure and fresh snow. In recent years this sport has given great satisfaction to athletes, always practicing it with due caution.

Cross-country skiing

To practice cross-country skiing you can go to Claut where there is a 1750 m long trail, accessible during the winter season. If you want to practise this discipline all year round, Cimolais offers an artificial red mantle 500m long and does not require different equipment.


With an experienced instructor, ropes and harnesses you can descend the gorges, such as the gorge of “Ciafurle”, the gorge of “Cosavento” and that of “Ciolesan” in the municipality of Claut. Often excursions are also organized in the Cellina Gorge.


Curling is a fun and challenging game that combines physical and mental abilities. It is one of the few sports where all ages, genders and abilities can play together or against each other. The “Palaghiaccio of Claut” hosts curling competitions and is recognized as the Italian Federal Centre for this discipline.


Trekking is a very popular activity in this valley, in fact you can find many itineraries. There are all sorts of them, easy to access for everyone up to very tortuous; it is better to leave them to experienced mountaineers. If you are not sure, it is always better to go accompanied by a competent and experienced guide.




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