Taste the Valcellina

Gastronomic events, taverns, restaurants, holiday farms, mountain huts offer visitors a whole range of culinary experiences of local Valcellina products.

To taste the true flavours of the mountains, all you have to do is stop at the various restaurants in Valcellina. Fresh and native flavours will bring pleasures and good sensations to your palate.

Peta, Pitina, Petuccia

The Peta is a kind of meatball of roe deer, chamois or sheep meat that is smoked. It is a typical product of the area that contains all the distinctive flavours of this territory. Served with a plate of mixed cold cuts and homemade bread, it will bring back the tastes of the past. Peta has several denominations, such as “Petuccia” or “Pitina”, dependent on the area in which you are located.


Frico is the traditional dish of Friulian cheese cooked in a pan. Soft or crumbly, Frico includes as its main ingredients different hardnesses of cheese, potatoes, butter or oil and salt, and then turns out as a large, dense omelette This is served and can be enjoyed both as a tasty appetizer and as a delicious meal accompanied by polenta.

Homemade gnocchi

Seasonal mushrooms or game ragout and homemade gnocchi amplify the flavour of this first course. You can find different varieties of gnocchi, with different sauces that mark the difference, like the one with chiodini mushrooms; but also simply a seasoning with butter, sage and smoked ricotta expresses interesting tones.

Herb omelette

Try an omelette with fresh herbs picked in the valley, such as Silene vulgaris, turioni di Pungitopo, Tarassaco, nettle tips, will make you re-evaluate the taste of a simple dish like this. There are various locals who offer on their menu a taste of this dish.

Dried chamois meat

Thin strips of chamois meat, without nerves and without fat, are then hung and smoked. Result, a product that is stored for several months and always ready for consumption. Dry meat, in addition to having a wild flavor, is an excellent remedy when you are hungry in the woods or practicing sports activities.

"Selvaggina in Salmì"

Typical dish of winter cuisine in the mountains. It is a kind of stew with a particular way of preparing meat, typical of mountain animals such as roe deer, deer, hare, chamois and wild boar. The preparation in Salmì gives the meat more attenuating aromas and fragrances, especially for wild game. Good to taste with polenta as a side dish.

Grappa della casa

Throughout Friuli Venezia Giulia there is never a lack of grappa after a big lunch or a substantial dinner. Various types of grappa can be tasted; grappa with hay, blueberry, juniper, gentian, pine buds and other berries are the most famous.


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