Welcome to Andreis, the country of eagles, where you can admire beautiful birds of prey.
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Welcome to Andreis

The Country of Eagles

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Andreis is an ancient village in Valcellina where it is not clear when the first settlements date back. In addition to being surrounded by mountains offering a breathtaking landscape, Andreis presents a fascinating architecture, consisting of stone walls and large wooden balconies with external stairs. In summer the small village turns into a real paradise of flowers that decorate the outdoor ballads and the small streets.

Locations and hamlets

Andreis is 33 km from Pordenone and 66 km from Udine, in the valley of the Alba stream, on the left side of Valcellina. The municipality consists of 4 hamlets: Alchede, Bosplans, Prapiero, Sott’Anzas and the inhabitants are called “Andreani”.


What to do in Andreis

  • Nordic Life Park, Andreis >>>
  • River trekking
  • Trekking and hiking
  • Mountain Bike
    For mountain bikers, you can explore the area by delving into the various trails of the surrounding mountains. You have the pleasure of looking at new paths.
  • Sunbathing
    On the riverbed of the Alba stream you can lie down and relax listening to the flow of water.
  • Barbecue and picnic
  • Food and Wine:
    Enjoy the delicacies of Valcellinese cuisine in the various taverns and restaurants in the area, tasting a good glass of Friulian wine and then finish with a homemade grappa.

Events, festivals and manifestations in Andreis

The associations of Andreis organize some events and manifestations during the year with the aim of safeguarding festivals and traditions of the mountain culture.

  • “Paesi Aperti”
    Paesi Aperti is the best known and most visited event in Valcellina and beyond, where the inhabitants of Andreis open their doors to visitors to let them know their customs and traditions of the past, tasting typical local mountain handicrafts. The streets of Andreis are filled with kiosks and workshops for young and old, in a living and surreal environment.
  • Christmas Cribs

What to see in Andreis

Andreis offers some churches and outdoor areas to visit. One of the most famous symbols is the avifaunisticaal area, a recovery center for injured birds of prey.

Andreis Cultural Centres and Important Areas

  • Bird recovery centre
  • Bosplans Century-Old Fountain
  • Dolomiti Friulane Nature Park Visitor Centre


  • Andreis Museum of Art and Farmer Civilization


  1. Archprieel Parish Church of St. Mary of Graces.
  2. Church of the Blessed Virgin of Health on the hill of St. Daniel.
  3. St. Anthony’s Church from Padua of the Cordata.
  4. Church of the Immaculate Conception of Alcheda.
  5. Church of the Sacred Heart of Bosplans.

How to get to Andreis

From the A4 motorway take the Portogruaro exit and then exit again in Pordenone. Continue along the SP19 or SP29, heading towards Montereale Valcellina. Once you arrive in Montereale, continue on the SR251 towards Barcis; at the end of the second gallery turn right and it is the beginning of the beautiful resort of Andreis.

Departures from the Pordenone Bus Station adjacent to the central train station, take Pordenone-Maniago-Claut line.

The nearest train station is Montereale Valcellina.
Sacile-Gemona line: at the train station in Sacile take the regional train that leads to Maniago station. Possibility of bicycle transport.

The nearest airports are: Ronchi of the Legionnaires (Trieste), A. Canova (Treviso), San Marco Polo (Venice)

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