The municipality of Vivaro and the Magredes of Cellina. Discovering biodiversity.
Basaldella Church and Villa Cigolotti

Welcome to Vivaro

The wild vegetation of the Cellina Magreds.

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Vivaro is a small municipality that is located in the final part of the course of the Cellina stream and has Roman origins. A fascinating area of its territory are the Magredi del Cellina, the name “Magredo” derives from the local dialect and means “lean land”, in fact this area has a type of fauna and flora unique in Italy, characterized by a dry soil formed largely by white stones and gravel.

Locations and hamlets

Vivaro is located 21 km from Pordenone and 43 km from Udine, between the Cellina torrent and the Meduna tower, in the foothills of Pordenone. The municipality consists of 2 hamlets: Basaldellla and Tesis, the inhabitants are denominated “vivarini”.

What to do in Vivaro

  • Riding and horseback
    Vivaro, the Magredi and its prairies are a perfect place for a horseback ride or to ride over these wonderful animals for the first time. Vast, diverse and seductive are the landscapes that can be found among the equestrian paths, here are some:
    – ridden on the lawns of the Dandolo
    – walk in the middle of the Magredi
    – country tour between fields and vineyards.
  • Bike
    You can find various routes for cycling enthusiasts. Some itineraries are:
    -the ring between Vivaro-Basaldella-Tesis-Campaign-Vajont
    -Vivaro-San Foca bike path
    -mountain bike tour among the Magredi.
  • Food and Wine
    Enjoy the delicacies of Valcellinese cuisine in the various taverns and restaurants in the area, tasting a good glass of Friulian wine and then finish with a homemade grappa.

Events, festivals and manifestations in Vivaro

The sports and cultural associations of Vivaro are very active on a social level and organize a number of events throughout the year with the aim of safeguarding festivals and village traditions.

  • September celebrations at Tesis di Vivaro.
  • Ferragosto celebrations, traditional festival in August with a rich programme of activities.

What to see in Vivaro

Vivaro offers some churches and some museums to visit. One of the most famous symbols is the Antiquarium and dairy in Tesis.

Vivaro’s cultural centres and historic buildings

  • The Vivaro Mill of 1341
  • Villa Cigolotti, historical residence in Basaldella
  • the “Lataria”, a stone construction with a very detailed view.

Museums and archaeological sites

  • Antiquarium and dairy in Tesis,an archaeological museum that collects materials from the Roman era, especially in iron.

  1. Church of St. Mary Assunata of 1870, adjacent to Umberto Square.
  2. Parrochial Church Sante Fosca and Maura di Basaldella, where there are two 17th-century shovels of Gasparo Narvesa

How to get to Vivaro

From the A4 motorway take the Portogruaro exit and then exit again and arrive in Pordenone. From here, take the SR117 Cimpello – Sequals, Vivaro exit. From Udine you reach Vivaro via the highway 464, when you arrive at Spilimbergo, follow directions to Vivaro.

Departures from maniago Bus Station adjacent to the train station, take bus to Spilimbergo. Or from Spilimbergo, take buses to Maniago.

The nearest train station is Maniago
Sacile-Gemona line: at the train station in Sacile take the regional train that leads to Maniago station. Possibility of bicycle transport.

The nearest airports are: Ronchi of the Legionnaires (Trieste), A. Canova (Treviso), San Marco Polo (Venice)

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