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Useful information of the municipality and territory of Montereale Valcellina. What to do and see, what sports to play, how to get there, historical hints and tourist tips.
Grizzo Monument Asylum

Welcome to Montereale Valcellina

A stay at the foot of the mountain

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Montereale Valcellina is an important area of historical and archaeological interest, in fact its origins are very ancient. This is evidenced by the fact that finds dating back to the end of the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age have been found. Within the radius of this municipality there are a multitude of natural landscapes such as mountains, hills, lakes, plains and grave. Let’s find out more details together below.

Locations and hamlets

Montereale Valcellina is located 23 km from Pordenone, at the foot of Monte Castello, Monte Fara, Monte Spia and on the high banks of the right bank of the Cellina torrent. The municipality consists of 3 hamlets: Grizzo, Malnisio and a few kilometers away San Leonardo Valcellina. In turn, the hamlets consist of several locations: Borgo Alzetta, Cao Malnisio, Castelu and San Rocco. The inhabitants are called “monterealini”.

What to do in Montereale Valcellina

  • Trekking
    Among beautiful trails, you can, for example, reach the Casera “Rupeit” through the routes CAI no 987 and No. 988, at the slopes of the Pala d’Altei. Here you can find refuge where there is a small kitchen and some bunk beds. The view of the Cellina stream and neighboring countries is exceptional.
    Instead, for short walks, you can spend a few hours between the hills of Grizzo and Malnisio, or reach the top of Monte Castello, where the ruins of the old castle of Montereale Valcellina are located.
  • Biike
    You can find all sorts of routes for cycling enthusiasts, such as mountain climbs or cycle paths in the plains. Fun and not very demanding are the paths on the gravel road on the bed of the Cellina torrent.
  • Mountain Running
  • Food and
    Enjoy the delicacies of Valcellinese cuisine in the various taverns and restaurants in the area, tasting a good glass of Friulian wine and then finish with a homemade grappa.

Events, festivals and manifestations in Montereale Valcellina

The associations of Montereale Valcellina are very active on a social and cultural level, in fact they organize various events during the year with the aim of safeguarding traditions and village festivals.

  • The Madona De Agost “From Curti to Curti”, period of August.
  • Festa del Porco in Piazza in St. Leonard’s, November period.
  • Cheese Festival in Malnisio, period of late July.
  • Sports Festival at Montereale Valcellina Sports Centre, June.
  • Carnevale dei ragazzi >>>
    Parade of the wagons, Fat Tuesday.
  • Malnisio Science Festival, at the A.Pitter Central in early October.
  • Gris in Fiera for >>>
    Exhibitions of local business activities, in May.
  • Fiesta de la Mont, Grizzo di Montereale Valcellina in località Val de la Roja; 27 – 28 July / 2 – 3 – 4 August 2019.


What to see in Montereale Valcellina

Montereale Valcellina offers many churches, archaeological sites and museums to visit. One of the most famous symbols is the Antonio Pitter Hydroelectric Power Plant in Malnisio.


  1. The 18th-century neoclassical church of Santa Maria Assunta,adjacent to Piazza Roma.
  2. St. Rocco’s Church in the cemetery, Castelu resort, has 16th-century frescoes.
  3. Oratory of San Floriano,at the forecourt of San Floriano.
  4. Parish Church of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, Cathedral Square, No. 2, in the hamlet of Grizzo.
  5. Church of the Fradese, created on the initiative of the thirteenth-century Brotherhood of the 14th century Baptists. in the hamlet of Grizzo.
  6. Oratory of the Holy Spirit in the hamlet of St. Leonardo.
  7. St. John the Baptist Parish Church, Piazza Trieste No.11, in the hamlet of Malnisio.

Montereale Valcellina Cultural Centres

  • Palazzo Toffoli,home to the archaeological museum and library of Montereale Valcellina.
  • Menocchio Cultural Circle, via Ciotti, 1.

Museums, important areas and archaeological sites

  • Archaeological area of the Montereale Valcellina aqueduct.
  • Archaeological Museum of Montereale Valcellina.
  • Museum of the “Antonio Pitter” Hydroelectric Power Plant in Malnisio.
  • Grizzo astronomical observatory.
  • Geo center Geographical Imaginary and documentation center Ex Dairy of Malnisio.
  • The Ravedis Dam.

How to get to Montereale Valcellina

From the A4 motorway take the Portogruaro exit and then exit again arriving in Pordenone. Continue along the SP19 or SP29, heading towards Montereale Valcellina.

Departures from the Bus Station of Pordenone adjacent to the central train station, take buses heading Maniago. Or from Spilimbergo, take buses to Maniago and then change to Maniago station, heading towards Montereale-Pordenone.

At the train station in Sacile take the regional train that leads to the station of Montereale Valcellina. Sacile-Maniago line. Possibility of bicycle transport.

The nearest airports are: Ronchi of the Legionnaires (Trieste), A. Canova (Treviso), San Marco Polo (Venice)



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