Discover the territory of Claut, where the Cellina stream is born. The high Valcellina offers great stories of women and many alternative sports.
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The municipality of Claut has a vast territory, in fact its area is 165.91 km2, the largest in the province of Pordenone. Even if since the uncertain times of its origins it has always been very isolated, in the last decade Claut has seen a tourist revival thanks to the improvement of tourist accommodation facilities, the Friulian Dolomites Park and the Ice Palace.

Locations and hamlets of Claut

Claut is located in the upper Valcellina, 53 km away from Pordenone and 86 km from Udine, and includes the Valcellina, Val Week, part of the Cimoliana Valley, the Feron Valley and the Chialedina Valley. In the territory of Claut the Cellina stream rises, more specifically in the locality of Margons, 650 metres above sea level.
The municipality consists of 7 hamlets: Cellino di Sopra, Cellino di Sotto, Contraron, Creppi, Lesis, Matàn, Pinedo and the inhabitants are called “clautans”.

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What to do in Claut


  • Claut Ice Palace
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Trekking
  • Picnic at the equipped areas
  • Canyoning
  • Carling
  • Ciaspolata
  • Ski mountaineering
  • Caving
  • Orienteering
  • Eco-climbing
    Rock climbing or artificial gym. In the Ciafurle area there are various routes equipped on crags.
  • Ice-land
    Ice climbing with crampons and “picozza”. In the Tre Pini area there is one of the first artificial ice gyms in Italy.
  • Bouldering, New100
    Arramapiced on boulders or stone. It consists of climbing large boulders, up to 7-8 meters high. The hamlet of Lesis is internationally known for this discipline and there is a natural gym.
  • Tree Village
    First tree village in Italy.
  • Mountain Bike
    For mountain bikers you can explore the area by entering the various paths of the surrounding mountains. You have the pleasure of looking at new paths.
  • Food and Wine:
    Enjoy the delicacies of Valcellinese cuisine in the various taverns and restaurants in the area, tasting a good glass of Friulian wine and then finish with a homemade grappa.

Events, festivals and manifestations in Claut

The sports and cultural associations of Claut are very active on a social level and organize some events during the year with the aim of safeguarding festivals and village traditions, as well as promoting tourism. Here are some unworkable events:

  • Valcellina Art and Flavours
    traditional event that takes place every year in July and offers the opportunity to rediscover ancient traditions of the Valcellina.
  • Living Way of the Cross
    On the evening of Good Friday, the Passion of Christ is celebrated in the streets of Claut.

What to see in Claut

Claut offers some churches and outdoor areas to visit. One of the most famous symbols is the dinosaur footprint.

Cultural centers and important areas of Claut

  • Fossil footprints of the dinosaur.
  • The Cave of the Landre Scur (The Cave of the Dark Anthro).


  • Museum of the Casa Clautana, where information is collected and told about how the woman was fundamental for the survival of the family and the economy of the country.


  1. St. George’s Church,adjacent to the square of the same name.
  2. St. Anthony Church of Cluat, in the village of Cellino.

How to get to Claut

From the A4 motorway take the Portogruaro exit and then exit again in Pordenone. Continue along the SP19 or SP29, heading towards Montereale Valcellina. Once you arrive in Montereale, continue on the SR251 direction Claut.

Departures from the Pordenone Bus Station adjacent to the central train station, take Pordenone-Maniago-Claut line.

The nearest train station is Montereale Valcellina.
Sacile-Gemona line: at the train station in Sacile take the regional train that leads to Maniago station.Possibility of bicycle transport.

The nearest airports are: Ronchi of the Legionnaires (Trieste), A. Canova (Treviso), San Marco Polo (Venice)

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