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Welcome to Erto and Casso

The landslide and the Vajont Dam.

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Erto, the main village, Casso fraction, is the westernmost municipality of Friuli Venezia Giulia and although it is not located in the morphological site of the Cellina torrent, but on the splendid Vajont Valley, it is known as part of the Valcellina, although it is separated from the Sant’Osvaldo pass. This territory is famous throughout the peninsula for the tragic episode of October 9, 1963, known as “The Disaster of the Vajont”. During the Second World War, work began on the construction of the gigantic Vajont dam. The purpose was to build a hydroelectric power plant to supply the growing electricity needs of the region. It was then the tallest dam in Europe and was completed in 1960. Subsequently, the accumulated water gnawed at the surrounding mountains causing the ground to collapse; as a result, a landslide produced a gigantic wave and more than 2000 victims.

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Locations and hamlets of Erto

Erto is 59 km away from Pordenone, 94 km from Udine and 14 km from Longarone, a town located in the province of Belluno, Veneto region. The municipality is consists of several locations: Forcai, Pineda, St. Martin, Val da Pont and the inhabitants are called ertani and Cassanese. From the ecclesiastical point of view Erto and Casso are separated, in fact the first is part of the diocese of Concordia-Pordenone, while Casso is in the diocese of Belluno-Feltre.


What to do in Erto and Casso

  • Trekking
  • Climbing
    At the gym of natural rock, limestone crag, very famous throughout Italy.
  • Casso’s visit
  • Visit to the Vajont Dam
  • Vajont Lake Tour
  • Coal Trail
    Easy and panoramic route where you can reach Casso
  • Ciaspolata
  • Canyoning
    In Val Zemola
  • Tour of the Erto bike path
  • Mountain Bike
    For mountain bikers, you can explore the area by delving into the various trails of the surrounding mountains. You have the pleasure of looking at new paths.
  • Food and Wine
    Enjoy the delicacies of Valcellinese cuisine in the various taverns and restaurants in the area, tasting a good glass of Friulian wine and then finish with a homemade grappa.

Events, festivals and events in Erto and Casso

The association Pro Loco di Erto e Casso is very active at a social level and organizes various events and manifestations during the year with the aim of safeguarding festivals and village traditions, as well as promoting tourism. Here are some important events:

  • Holy representation of Good Friday,an ancient representation of christ’s passion that takes place on the evening of every Good Friday
  • “Tirè al scopeton”,ancient tradition of Erto
  • S.S. Gervasio and Protasio Festival, patrons of Casso,” June 19-20.
  • “Between the Old and the New”, August 15, rediscovered by ancient craftsmanship.
  • “Feast si San Barolomeno” , patron of Erto on August 24.
  • “Vajont Dam Trophy”,a running race that takes place on the penultimate Sunday of August.
  • “Anniversary of the Vajont Catastrophe”, every year on October 9th.
  • “Castagnata in the old town of Erto”, in mid-October.

What to see in Erto and Casso

The territory of Erto offers some churches and outdoor areas to visit. The most famous symbol is the Vajont Dam.

Cultural centers and important areas of Erto and Casso

  • Erto Visitor Center
    “A Space to Memory”, a tale of the tragedy of the Vajont with images, documentation and videos.
  • Mount Toc Landslide
  • The books of St. Daniel of Mount Borgà
  • The Vajont Dam.


    1. Greater Church of St. Bartholomew the Apostle.
    2. St. Rocco’s Church.
    3. The church and fountain of Beórscia
    4. The cemetery and the flying ertans.

    How to get to Erto and Casso

    From the A4 motorway take the Portogruaro exit and then exit again in Pordenone. Continue along the SP19 or SP29, heading towards Montereale Valcellina. Once you arrive in Montereale, continue on the SR251 towards Cimolais, then overpass the Sant’Osvaldo pass and a few km you get to Erto.

    See Claut-Longarone-Belluno line.

    The nearest train station is Longarone-Zoldo, the Calazo-Padova line.
    Or Montereale Valcellina or Maniago station, Sacile-Gemona line: at the train station Sacile take the regional train that leads to Maniago station. Possibility of bicycle transport.

    The nearest airports are: Ronchi of the Legionnaires (Trieste), A. Canova (Treviso), San Marco Polo (Venice).


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